Leonard A. Robinson joined Consumers’ Bulletin as a staff writer in August 2020. His writing has spanned a wide array of topics, including consumer news, banking regulation, antitrust, housing, transportation, taxes, and the Covid-19 pandemic. His work has also landed him a slot on numerous podcasts, including the Heartland Daily Podcast with Christina Herrin.

This page continues to be updated regularly.

Feature Articles

Consumer’s Bulletin is currently revising their website to include pdfs of their now-defunct print edition. Feature articles previously appeared there. As soon as they are available, they will update them here.

Covid-19 pandemic and Health

Uber and Walgreens partner to ensure underserved communities have vaccine access,” February 10, 2021

McKinsey Pays $573 Million Settlement for Opioid Advice,” February 5, 2021

Stimulus Check Savings Could Boost Recovery,” January 26, 2021

Purell Maker Bets You’ll Stay Addicted to Hand Washing,” January 22, 2021

Vaccine Distribution Lags as Officials Seek More Time,” January 7, 2021

Experts Remain Confident in Vaccines Despite Covid Mutations,” January 5, 2021


American Airlines Uses Leftover Wine to Launch Delivery Service,” January 22, 2021


Questions Still Remain as Spotify Looks to Podcast and New Technology for the Future“, February 3, 2021

Robinhood Flip Flops on “Meme” Stock Purchases; Raises Ire of Lawmakers and Regulators“, January 28, 2021

Signal and Telegram Downloads Skyrocket After WhatsApp Controversy,” January 12, 2021


Walmart Plans for Future in Online Grocery Shopping“, January 28, 2021

Settlement Comes to Roost at Tyson Foods,January 21, 2021



Renters Are Behind on Rent, But Struggle to Agree on Conclusion,” January 26, 2021


Consumer News

Income Based Scams Steadily On Rise,” January 21, 2021

Consumer Prices Rise at Lowest Rate in 5 Years“, January 14, 2021

Receiving Phone Calls Offering Unsolicited Vaccines? Hang up, It’s a Scam!”, January 14, 2021

2021 Begins With Stalled Labor Market“, January 12, 2021

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